Knowledge Exchange Team for South

AHDB Dairy Knowledge Exchange Officers covering the South regions:

I Van Heerden

Izak Van Heerden (Southern Team Leader)

Telephone: 01435 830021
Mobile: 07854 507279

Izak van Heerden is the Knowledge Exchange Senior Manager for the Southern team

 M Hardcastle

Michael Hardcastle

Mobile: 07929 203699

Michael Hardcastle is the Knowledge Exchange Officer for Somerset and East Devon

 K Harris

Kate Harris

Mobile: 07929 203703

Kate is the Knowledge Exchange Officer for Cornwall and West Devon

 S Macmillan

Shirley Macmillan

Mobile: 07766 402393

Shirley is the Knowledge Exchange Officer for the East and Midlands

 K Mackenzie

Kate Mackenzie

Mobile: 07773 234673

Kate Mackenzie is the Knowledge Exchange Officer for Derbyshire and Staffordshire

 T Washbourne

Thom Washbourne

Telephone: 01684 592110
Mobile: 07773 245031

Thom Washbourne is the Knowledge Exchange Officer for the West Midlands (Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Shropshire)

 Becky Miles

Becky Miles

Telephone: 01962 776049
Mobile: 07500 873258

Becky Miles is the Knowledge Exchange Officer for the South (Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire)