Knowledge Exchange Team

AHDB Dairy Knowledge Exchange officers are an integral part of the AHDB Dairy team. They are the first point of contact for dairy farmers on technical dairying topics.

Their main job is to work with dairy farmers, communicating up to date knowledge and information based on research from AHDB Dairy and around the world and then supporting dairy farmers using this knowledge to make changes to their businesses.

Within AHDB Dairy we place a strong focus on knowledge transfer and see this as a pivotal method in delivering a return on your levy.

Please contact your regional extension officer to discuss any issue that is affecting you or your farm or if you would like more information on AHDB Dairy and how we can help you.

Regional Knowledge Exchange Officers

Technical Knowledge Exchange Officers

Our main role is to work with producers to aid the transfer of industry knowledge and research for the benefit of their businesses.

Discussion groups are formed from a group of producers with a common theme, be it geographical, system, or milk buyer, who meet on a regular basis to discuss topics of interest to their businesses.

Impact groups are based around a topic with the purpose of bringing together producers with an interest in that topic to address the need for information and guidance. Such topics are cross breeding, health and disease issues and grassland utilisation.

Open meetings are held, usually on farm, as standalone information sharing days on topics around the farm business. These will have speakers in attendance to share knowledge on the chosen topic plus information on tools that AHDB Dairy have to help further develop the understanding of the topic.

Monitor Farms are active in certain areas with the aim to look at issues on farm. As host farmers the producers have opened their farms, physical data and books up so that both areas of success and concern can be discussed in a "community" type situation with the knowledge that other producers in attendance will offer ideas and guidance on how to address the areas of concern and they in turn may take away guidance from the areas of success. These farms will also be using AHDB Dairy tools in both the physical and financial aspects of the farm.