Decisions4Dairy - What If

What If workshop 

Take stock of your dairy business and think how it can best face the challenges and potential opportunities that arise from a more volatile market:

  • Greater cost understanding and management
  • Better returns from inputs
  • The impacts of reducing inputs, liters or cows
  • Improved feed utilisation 
  • Producing the right milk for your contract

It can be difficult to take time away from the farm but with the help of specialist consultants and time to consider your business, this is an opportunity to test impacts of different scenarios including those around beef and cereal production.  


Forthcoming workshops

2 August - Shropshire

18 August - Cumbria 


About Decisions4Dairy – What If

Decisions4Dairy – What If is AHDB Dairy’s planning workshop for dairy farmers, who will get a chance to work through real financial and physical management and nutritional scenarios for their businesses.

The workshop is offered as a 1-day session.

The workshop is an opportunity to take time away from the day-to-day farm tasks and to really focus on the robustness of your business. It enables the testing of ideas and looks at ways to make the most of your business and you. It is a challenging market to be operating in and taking time try to different options can help clear a path to follow. 

Specialist consultants’ work with you to explore your business, using the farm's actual cost of production as a base point (collated prior to the workshop).

Attendees also benefit from the chance to share experiences and ideas with other farmers, along with technical sessions on nutrition, utilisation of feeds and core costs per cow. Importantly you are able to test different scenarios for your business.


Decisions4Dairy - What If 1-day workshop


Up to four businesses together with two consultant specialising in nutrition and business management


Day one: 8.45-5.30


Goals, profit target, understanding your costs.

Testing scenarios and changes for your business, including financial and nutritional requirements and reconciliation all aimed at making your business more robust.


All refreshments included


We encourage two attendees per business, as this gives the benefit of sharing thought processes, as well as an understanding of the required actions post workshop.

Decisions4Dairy – What If is currently fully funded by your levy (usual cost £125 + VAT).

If you would like further information on AHDB Dairy’s Decisions4Dairy – What If  workshops then please contact your local extension officer or Becki Leach on