Published 12 May 10

Reseeding Videos

Reseeding is a practice to help grassland managers get the most from soil and nutrients and using the best reseeding methods for your soil.

When reseeding it is important to ensure that the seed you use is right for the cropping regime have planned. The Recommended Grass and Clovers List (England and Wales) is published annually detailing information on grass breeds and their charateristics.

The current list can be downloaded/ordered from the library while a more detailed list including details on agronomy and winter hardiness can be accessed via the British Grassland Society pages.

AHDB Dairy Extension officer Chris Duller explaining the importance of reseeding. Discussing topics covering how to make a seed bed, using fertiliser and soil compasion. Reseeding could be costing about £400 a hectare.

AHDB Beef & Lamb consultant and grass master Charlie Morgan looks at the right species and varieties of grass for your farming style. Choosing the right type of grass could have positive effects on the yield, and the speed of turnover. This short video looks at why rygrass, clover, mixtures and recommended lists are important when deciding to reseed.

Matthew Rose of NIAB talks about the collections of grass variety which are grown by different breeders and crossers. These are then put into the recommended list trials. The best varietys from the trials go into the recommended list. Measurements are taken of quality of yield, disease resistance, persistancy etc. Only around the top 20% of national listings go into the recommended list.