MANNER NPK software

MANNER-NPK needs only a few simple inputs to run, which include;

  • Farm and field details, i.e. location, soil type, crop type
  • Manure type and nutrient content. The results of laboratory analysis can be entered if available, or alternatively MANNER-NPK will use default nutrient analysis for the selected organic manure type
  • Manure application details, i.e. application rate, application method and soil incorporation. Details of up to 3 manure applications to a single crop/field can be added.

MANNER-NPK estimates the fate of organic manure N following land application, based on the latest research information on the mineralisation of manure organic N, and N losses via ammonia volatilisation, denitrification and nitrate leaching. The total N applied and an estimate of crop available N in the current cropping year and in the year following manure application is given.

MANNER-NPK also calculates the amount of total and available P2O5 and K2O applied, and the amount of total SO3 and MgO applied. The potential financial value of the manure application(s) in £/ha is calculated based on current fertiliser prices (which can be edited). MANNER-NPK generates a 1 page report summarising all input and output information, which can be saved or printed.

MANNER-NPK includes NVZ warning messages which highlight potential breaches of the NVZ rules specific to England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. A library of relevant guidance documents is included.

The software can be downloaded from the PLANET website

A webinar training tool on how to work through the software, hosted by Dr Lizzie Sagoo, soil scientist with ADAS who worked on the development of the software, can be viewed on the DairyCo youtube channel via this link MANNER webinar


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