How Hard to Graze?

Grazing below 4cm will diminish plant reserves for plant regrowth. The aim should be to leave a height of 4-5cm between clumps and 8-10cm over clumps, with a maximum of 30% clumps in a paddock.

When there is more grass than this post-grazing, consider topping the paddock to 10cm within 24 hours before the lime green regrowth occurs as topping this will slow regrowth. (Anecdotally a mower is better than a topper as it cuts cleaner and you should get better regrowth.) If you don't top in this situation, the amount of ungrazed grass can increase after each grazing.

It should not be necessary to top after every grazing when the amount of grass allocated is correct, but it can be useful to get the grazing back under control.