PD+ Cover

Fertility is one of the major factors affecting the efficiency of any dairy herd.  It can account for one of the major costs of production and also represents an area where significant improvements can be made.

Pd+ looks at dairy herd fertility management and covers issues such as herd nutrition, heat detection and managing block-calving herds. Pd+ sets a challenge to improve your profit by up to 2p/litre through sustained improvements in herd fertility.

Pd+ is a comprehensive manual bringing together research from DairyCo and other organisations around the world to make it the definitive guide to managing fertility.

Chapters include:

  • Identifying critical records
  • Managing block-calving herds
  • Optimising herd nutrition

The programme can be worked through by individuals, groups or with a vet / consultant. It can also be dipped into at crucial times in the fertility management year when advice and help is most needed

DairyCo has a range of tools and information which may help.

Please see the Library or if you would like to know more please contact your local extension officer.


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