Moist feeds

Published 1 February 10

Moist Feeds

In addition to forages and concentrates, there are a variety of feed ingredients which fall neatly into neither category. Most accurately termed moist feeds, these include stockfeed carrots and potatoes on the one hand and a range of relatively high moisture content by-products of food and beverage processing on the other. These range from apple pomace and pectin extracted fruit to brewers and distillers grains, molasses, pot ale syrup and several proprietary products. Moist feeds tend to be highly palatable and have special storage needs relating primarily to their low dry matter levels. 

Stockfeed Vegetables

The energy content of stockfeed vegetables varies with the type of product. Metabolisable Energy contents tend to be around 11.0 MJ/kg DM where the product is primarily leaf and stem, and about 12.0 MJ/kg DM where it is mainly root. Sufficient dry matter content is the key to both their financial and feeding value.

Food & Beverage By-Products

While the energy and protein content of brewery and distillery by-products varies relatively little with source, dry matter contents can vary widely and, as with stockfeed vegetables, are the key to financial and feeding value. The range of different products available from different food and beverage processing makes laboratory analysis important. 

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