Slurry Wizard - How much produced

Slurry Wizard

The Wizard will calculate how much slurry your farm produces and highlights what areas actually contribute to the store throughout the year.  This information is useful particularly if you have a couple of months storage now and are facing investment to comply with 5 months storage NVZ regulations by 2012.  The report will show whether more can be done to separate clean and dirty areas and whether current storage would be better utilised if parlour washings could be dealt with separately.

The relevant information required is:

  • Excreta from livestock - using standard data in line with NVZ regulations
  • Parlour washings - high pressure/high volume washers at 20l or 30l/cow/day respectively
  • Yard run off- feeding and loafing areas
  • Roof water - this will highlight the true cost of not maintaining gutters and downpipes
  • Slurry store area - an important calculation for the total volume of a store

 The report will then highlight what the farm requires for a total containment slurry store or what aspects of investment would be needed for some dirty water separation with irrigator spreading and ultimately what fits your business the best in terms of total investment.

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