Global declaration on climate change

Published 15 October 09

Global Declaration on Climate Change

DairyCo, through the International Dairy Federation (IDF), has contributed to the Global Declaration on Climate Change.

The document - Global Dairy Agenda for Action - was signed on 21 September at the IDF conference in Berlin. With signatures from seven organisations it pledges, on behalf of the world's dairy associations and companies, to reduce carbon emissions as part of its contribution to help address global warming.

International Dairy Federation (IDF)

DairyCo is a strong supporter of  the International Dairy Federation and has representatives on various standing committees along with Dairy UK. Membership of the IDF for the UK is jointly funded by DairyCo and Dairy UK.

IDF is the pre-eminent source of scientific and technical expertise for all stakeholders of the dairy chain. Membership covers 56 countries and is growing. IDF membership accounts for about 86% of current total milk production worldwide.

The mission of IDF is to represent the dairy sector worldwide by providing the best global source of scientific expertise and knowledge in support of the development and promotion of quality milk and dairy products to deliver consumers with nutrition, health and well-being.

IDF is the centre for dairy expertise in:

  • developing scientific knowledge
  • exchanging information
  • addressing global developments
  • facilitating networking within and outside the sector

It is one of the strongest sector federations fostering development and innovation.