North East England - White House Farm - Northallerton

Area: Yorkshire

Trading Title: G W Leggott

Farm Address: White House Farm, Great Smeaton, Northallerton

Milking herd numbers: 360 in herd (325 in milk)

Herd yields: 10,000 litres at 3.8% fat and 3.2% protein

Breeding: Pedigree Holstein herd run under the Cocklewood prefix. Around 15% of cows are put to beef at the moment (British Blue used on cows and Aberdeen Angus on some heifers). The aim is to increase this to 50% and be more selective with heifer rearing. Sexed semen is used on most heifers.

Replacement rate (%): 28%

Calving interval (days): 390 days

Calving pattern: All year round

Average age at first calving current (months): 24 months

Average age at first calving target (months): Would like to get to 22-23 months in the long term

Average heifer yield: Around 7,800-8,000 litres

Calf housing set up: A purpose built calf shed was put up about five years ago, which holds calves from birth until six months of age. Calves are in individual pens until weaning and then move into groups. The building has a slatted roof, is open sided with yorkshire boarding and faces south.

Calf feeding system: Calves are removed from the dam immediately and tubed with 3-4 litres of colostrum as soon as possible. They are then fed two litres of colostrum twice a day for four days. Calves are then bucket fed two litres of waste milk or calf milk replacer twice a day (depending on what’s available). This is increased to 7-8 litres total per day by 3-4 weeks and then reduced until weaning at 8-10 weeks. Calves are bedded daily and provided with an 18% protein pellet and fresh water.

Main person responsible for calf management: Mostly looked after by calf rearer, Monika Grygieniec

Weaning target: Calves are weaned at around 8-10 weeks when consuming 1.5-2kg of concentrate per calf per day.

Any other information of interest: The unit currently has a lot of heifers, so next year Andrew will begin genomically testing heifers and only putting the best to dairy.