In a time when the management and planning of your business is key it is important not to lose site of the importance of continuing to develop the business management skills of yourself and your team.

Whilst technical skills development through discussion groups, working with vets and other industry members is common place, AHDB Dairy want to ensure business management skills and personal development are given equal time.

Below are some extended business management workshops and programmes from AHDB Dairy, our partners and external providers:


Dairy Pro is the UK dairy industry's professional development register. Training courses, event and workshop from Dairy Pro partners are published in one place (Dairy Pro events calandar) making it easy for you to not only find the right activity, but to record your participation as well. This helps improve career prospects, attract and retain better staff, and enhance business performance.

AHDB Dairy also awards grants to attending national and international conferences; more information on which can be found here.