Cull Cows

By aiming to finish suitable cull cows on the farm - bearing in mind of course that not all culls may not be suitable for on-farm finishing - a farmer will be making the best from an individual cow's poor performance creating an opportunity to, at the very least, lose as little money as possible.

Keeping cows that are designated as culls on the farm may only be possible where adequate space is available. It will not be worth, for example, compromising cubicle building space and the performance of other members of the herd by keeping an infertile or underperforming cow, whether still producing milk or not, where space could be better utilised.

Similarly, a cow designated a cull due to a high cell count or mastitis problem may likely prove a risk to the health of the herd if housed with them. If these cows are dried-off and sufficient (separate) accommodation space is available for them or they can be kept at grass, then they have the potential for finishing on-farm.

Replacement costs

Replacement planning