Outputs - Money which earns

Enterprise outputs

In the simplest possible terms, the output of a business enterprise is a product or service which earns money. Thus, for a dairy farm, the primary output would be milk sales. However, the farm is likely to generate calf sales (beef cross calves or dairy bull calves), and also money from the sale of cull cows. Surplus heifer calves, bulling or in-calf heifers and cows will also provide funds.

In many farm accounting systems, youngstock produced by the dairy herd are accounted for as a separate enterprise, even if they are intended as home-reared dairy replacements. When these animals enter into the milking herd they are transferred from the youngstock enterprise to the dairy enterprise. Accounting for these animals separately in this manner gives an extra degree of detail which helps to apportion costs, allows for more detailed analyses and ensures fairer comparisons when benchmarking.

Outputs may also be termed revenue or income in management budgets or accounts.