Cost Clusters

Grouping information into distinct clusters gives a farmer a clear breakdown of where there is room for financial improvement and compare your farm's performance with that of others to see just where things might be improved, or where you're already ahead of the game.

Milkbench+ is Britain's fully independent, confidential and impartial web-based dairy benchmarking system. Milkbench+ asks for  detailed information about your dairy enterprise and uses it to calculate key performance indicators such as yield per cow, kg DM per litre of milk produced and total costs of production per litre.

Milkbench+ is unique in that the collection process allows reports to be accessed across seven different cost clusters in addition to the main Dairy Enterprise Report, providing you with more detailed information.

Cluster Description

Key Farm and Output Data

The key farm and output data cluster requires general farm details about your land use, stock numbers, herd replacement rate and details of all your farm outputs.

Feed and Forage Costs

For this section, you will need to enter details of your grazing policy, feed and forage production, use and costs. You will be asked to split home-grown feed and forage variable costs according to their use on grazing, conserved grass, other forage or arable use.

Labour Costs For this cluster, you will be required to provide details of all labour hours and costs (paid and unpaid) including employed workers, family and casual labour.

Herd Health and Herd Replacement Costs

For this cluster you will be required to input details of your livestock costs, such as veterinary and medicines costs split into dairy and other enterprises.

Machinery and Power Costs

For this cluster you will be required to input details of machinery and equipment running costs and energy costs as well as estimates of the machinery equipment valuations. There is a link on this sheet to a second hand value 'reckoner' to guide you with the valuations should you need it.

Property, finance costs and imputed rent

For this section you will be required to enter details of repair and maintenance of buildings used for the dairy enterprise, insurance and general farm maintenance. There is a link to a buildings valuation calculator which you will have to use to help you complete the dairy building valuations fields.


For this section you will be required to enter information regarding your water charges and general overheads including professional fees.

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