Inter-digital Growths

An interdigital growth, or 'interdigital hyperplasia', is a firm tumour-like mass of tissue that grows in the space between the claws. It is believed to be caused by the continual exposure to slurry, any chronic irritations or dermatitis in the skin between the claws. Varying degrees of lameness can be caused by these growths; larger growths tend to be more painful, and may become infected with other diseases such as foul-in-the-foot.


In simple cases, any treatment may be unnecessary; foot trimming to remove any excess hoof horn around the growth may help to reduce the symptoms of lameness. Larger growths and those causing more severe mobility problems are difficult to treat and surgery by a vet under anaesthetic may be the sole option of dealing with them. After surgery, the wound should be dressed with an antibiotic powder and the claws bandaged closely together so that the wound is kept as clean as possible to aid healing.

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