Joining a BVDFree Scheme

BVDFreeWhat is the BVDFree scheme?

BVDFree is the national, voluntary, industry-led scheme,working to eliminate BVD from all cattle in England by 2022. The scheme was launched on 1 July, 2016 and is based on achieving the elimination of BVD through identification and timely removal of animals persistently infected (PI) with BVD.

The scheme is built around a national database,, which is searchable for results of individual animals and herds testing for BVD under the scheme. By entering a UK tag number, an individual animal’s BVD status can be found or you can search the database for a herd’s BVD status using the CPH number. This provides farmers with recognition, confidence and traceability when buying and selling BVDFree cattle.

Further details can be found on the BVDFree scheme website.

BVDFree Database



The BVDFree database can be used to search for individual animal and herd BVD status, by entering either the UK tag number or CPH number of herds signed up as members of BVDFree.

How does the scheme work?

  • Farmer registers their herd at
  • Farmer and their vet work together to set up a BVD programme on the farm using ‘ADAM’:


  • BVD samples are sent to a BVDFree designated laboratory, the laboratory then uploads results to the BVDFree database.
  • Individual animal BVD status can be checked at once uploaded by the laboratory. Herd BVD status will be assigned after two years of BVD testing has taken place once signed up to the scheme.

Why do we need BVDFree England?

Many countries, including Scotland, Ireland and NI, have taken action to eradicate BVD as they recognise it as one of the biggest disease issues facing the cattle industry. Hence BVDFree England was created, with the backing of the NFU, NBA, Holstein Group, BCVA, LAA and AHDB, to start England on the path to BVD elimination. This coordinated approach, with the help of the 105 BVDFree supporter organisations, will enable BVD elimination to become a reality.

How will we eliminate BVD?

Ultimately BVD elimination will only happen with the support of cattle farmers, vets and the industry. Farmers can show their support by joining the BVDFree scheme today.

By joining the BVDFree scheme, you agree to:

  •  Actively engage in BVD control in order to eliminate the disease from your herd
  • Report all BVD testing results from your herd to the BVDFree database
  • Allow herd and individual animal status to be openly accessible through the BVDFree database
  • Not move persistently infected (PI) animals other than directly to slaughter or through a dedicated red meat slaughter market.

Once a solid case can be created, BVDFree will go to government to look for their support in eliminating BVD from the English cattle herd.

For more information on the scheme visit BVDFree England.


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