Clinical Mastitis

Clinical -Mastitis _2017-12-20

Example Scenario:
Farmer B has a 500-cow dairy herd. The farmer has had trouble with clinical mastitis in the herd.

Keen to control the disease, farmer B discusses options to control mastitis with their vet. Data analysis reveals an incidence rate of 90 cases/100 cows each year, with about 15% of cases being repeat cases.

Example treatment options

Option 1 – Inappropriate use
Change intra-mammary tube and treat every case with an intramammary tube and injectable systemic antibiotic, hoping it reduces recurrence.

This approach uses approx. 30mg/PCU of antibiotic however, there is no evidence that injectable antibiotics will have any meaningful impact on cure rates or repeat cases.

Option 2 – Improved approach
Mastitis detection is improved by fore-stripping, cases are treated earlier with intramammary tubes only, and the client reminded that cure rates for the existing recurrent cases in lactation are likely to be poor but cure during the dry period is much better

This treatment approach uses approximately 1.5 mg/PCU.

Option 3 – Best practice
In addition to Option 2 and in consultation with your vet, reduce the level of mastitis by implementing the AHDB Dairy Mastitis Control Plan.

This approach uses 1.5mg/PCU antibiotic in the short term as per Option 2, but also reduces the number of new cases. Long term antibiotic use will decline and animal health will improve

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