Recommended grass and clover list 2018/19

Published 14 May 18

The England and Wales Recommended Grass and Clover Lists are drawn up after rigorous and independent testing for attributes such as yield, feed quality, disease, persistence and seasonal growth patterns. The trials are carried out by NIAB TAG and evaluated by a panel of  experts.

Farmers looking to select the most appropriate varieties for re-seeding will welcome the publication of the latest list of recommended grass and clover varieties by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB). Very few varieties are good enough to make it on to the recommendation list so if you select from it you really are getting the best on offer. The list provides detailed information on the characteristics and performance of each variety, such as seasonal yields, quality and heading dates.

With re-seeding now costing around £180/acre (£450/ha) it makes little sense to save £5 or £10 by buying an inferior mix full of unlisted varieties. Buy the best and reap the rewards of higher yields, increased quality and improved persistency.

A new digitial version of the list can be accessed from the AHDB Dairy website which allows producers to compare varieties for different systems and regimes.

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