AHDB Dairy research booklet

Published 13 November 17

AHDB Dairy invests in Research and Development (R&D) to ensure the dairy industry remains competitive, resource efficient and consumer-friendly. Our priority is to fund research which can be directly applied on farm, help us advance and become more competitive on a global level, and to make dairy farming more efficient and increasingly sustainable.  

Research is conducted by a number of different organisations, including commercial companies, as part of product development and academic institutions, funded, for example, by research councils such as BBSRC (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council). 

AHDB Dairy strives to fund unique, practical and applied research which can be applied on your farm. We actively seek to work collaboratively with other funders and sectors of the industry, including our partner divisions in AHDB, to ensure complementary effort and maximum return on your levy. We also have a close collaboration with dairy levy bodies in Europe (within a European Cattle Innovation Partnership), so we can avoid duplication and combine knowledge.

We host events throughout the year, around the country to showcase latest research and results from the AHDB Dairy Research Partnerships and other AHDB Dairy funded work.

This booklet includes information on a number of AHDB Dairy's current research, and associated products and services available to dairy farmers. AHDB Dairy offers a range of technical services to assist dairy farmers with a variety of on farm issues. From health & welfare related problems such as mastitis and lameness, to farm management assistance, our technical services offer, evidence based, practical support and advice that can deliver positive results.

Each technical service is continually reviewed to consider the latest associated R&D to ensure that British dairy farmers have access to the most up to date advice possible.