Research to develop the application of lean management techniques for dairy farming

Aims & Objectives
The project will develop and evaluate a model for the delivery of lean management (LM) approaches to dairy farming.

The research objective is to test a defined approach to rolling out of lean management to the dairy farming sector, with in-built capacity to adapt and refine approaches in order to achieve the desired outcome. 

Expected Outcomes
The development and pilot of a Dairy Lean Consultant qualification, each delegate undertaking the process of lean on farm to help refine the tool. There will also be the development of case studies on farm to show the process and impact of implementation.

Start Date             
June 2012           

Completion Date
October 2014

Lead Contractor
Reaseheath College, Cheshire

Other Delivery Partners
National and regional consultancy companies


For further information please contact: or call 024 7647 8788