The relevance of leader personality in relation to farm business performance

Emotional and Social Intelligence 

Aims & Objectives
The purpose of this report is to provide evidence on the relevance of emotional and social competencies (ESC), for improving management and leadership skills on UK dairy farms.

Expected Outcomes
To enable us to make a judgment as to whether ESC is or can be a significant factor in overall business performance on farms. Then to help us understand how we can use this understanding in knowledge exchange activities and personal and business development of dairy farmers.

Project details
How is it that two farmers with basically the same opportunities, assets, land and stock can produce such starkly different results? 

Perhaps there is something more fundamental about the ways in which different farmers think, act and respond to the people and world around them.
In 1995, Daniel Goleman (1995) wrote a book called ‘Emotional Intelligence, why it matters more than IQ’. This highlighted the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the workplace and life in general. This report looks to assess EI in dairy farming businesses.

Start Date
April 2016

Completion Date
July 2016

Lead Contractor
Promar International (Neil Adams)

Other Delivery Partners
Jim Hanbury of Exeter Leadership Consulting and Niall O’Leary

‘Improving the Welsh Dairy Supply Chain’ project that has been made possible through the Supply Chain Efficiencies Scheme (SCES) of the Rural Development Plan (RDP) for Wales 2007-2013.            

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