Rearing options for Holstein bull calves to 12 weeks

Published 8 September 09

Project details
This project reviewed the current practice and economics behind Holstein bull calf rearing up to 12 weeks of age. The report is intended for those who are rearing, or intending to rear, young calves from dairy herds.

The report provides information on:

• Current practiceprovides husbandry information on, for example, calf selection and procurement, feeding regimes and methods, housing, health and welfare, environment, and performance and targets. In the health and welfare section there are downloadable summaries of key legislation to take into account when considering calf rearing, and of the common ailments of young calves.

• Market potentialgives a brief overview of why calf rearers should consider Holstein bull calves alongside continental-cross calves when thinking of the end-market for their products.

• Economicsprovides a summary of the key considerations when choosing a calf rearing system along with a downloadable spreadsheet to enable farm-level assessments of economic viability. Variables such as input costs and batch size can be entered within the spreadsheet and comparisons made between Holstein bull calves and continental-cross calves in different rearing systems.

Completion Date
February 2008

Lead Contractor
Delta-innovation Ltd

DairyCo and EBLEX

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The technical report is available to download.

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