Labour efficiency

Published 18 November 10

Project details
The overall aim of this project was to measure, identify and demonstrate factors affecting dairy farm labour productivity.

The project:

  • Developed a standardised, usable and farm based system for measuring key performance indicators for farm labour productivity across the range of dairy farm activities
  • Identified grazing systems to have the lowest times with more traditional farming types having the highest. Total mixed ration systems were in-between. The grazing systems showed a strong relationship between increasing herd size and reduction in labour input but this relationship was not as strong with the other systems.
  • Provides opportunities to review labour alongside Milkbench+ and also allows benchmarking within discussion groups. This allows promotion of best practice and/ or how to improve labour efficiency.

The methodology used was adapted from previous AHDB Dairy studies looking at labour use. A database has been developed which splits labour use into non specific and cow specific tasks. There was a wide variation between systems in terms of total time and cow specific tasks.

Completion Date
November 2010

Lead Contractor
The Dairy Group

Other Delivery Partners
Delta Innovation
Myerscough College
Kite Consulting

AHDB Dairy

Related products and resources
The labour efficiency report is available to download.

AHDB Dairy has produced a set of Human Resources (HR) templates for use by dairy farmers who employ staff. 

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