Dairy 2020

Project details
The Dairy 2020 project was designed to answer the question ''What does a sustainable dairy industry look like, and what contribution can it make to a sustainable world?

We're building a vibrant UK dairy industry that enables people, environment and business to thrive

18 months ago, over 40 organisations and people from right across the dairy supply chain came together to create a common vision for a sustainable dairy industry. On the 16th April 2012, this vision was launched at the House of Commons, together with a framework and toolkit for making it a reality.

Completion Date
April 2012

Lead Contractor
Forum for the Future 

Dairy UK
Volac Ltd

Related products and reources
You can find all the published documents from the project on the Dairy 2020 website, together with guidance for how you might use them in your organisation or business. You can use them to create or test a sustainability strategy, raise the profile of sustainability issues in the industry, or stimulate new innovations.

The group is now working to engage the rest of the supply chain in the initiative, and agree specific actions for delivering the vision.

For further information please contact Duncan.Pullar@dairyco.ahdb.org.uk