Auchenheath Monitor Farm

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About Auchenheath Farm

AHDB Dairy contact: Sharon Lauder 07876 706391

Address: Auchenheath Farm, Auchenheath, Lanark, ML11 9XA

The Ballantyne family purchased Auchenheath Farm in 1965, then purchased nearby Cannonholm farm in 1971. Auchenheath is now a 149 hectare unit (360 acres) plus 40 hectares rented (100 acres) on land rising from 170 ft – 570 ft above sea level. The farm sheds were built in the 1970’s and 80’s. There are 250 acres of ploughable land, not all of it cropable, with 80-90 acres of rough grazing and woodland.

2014 cropping - 70 acres cereal, 130 acres first cut silage, 100 acres second cut silage and 70 acres third cut silage.

The 100 cow predominantly Holstein x Friesian herd is block-calved in October, grazed throughout the summer months and averages 7000 litres of milk sold per cow on an annual basis.

Cows are currently milked twice daily through a 6/12 herringbone which was originally installed in 1972 and has been since modernised.

The construction of a new shed started late Summer and is due for completion by December 2014.


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