Infectious disease control in dairy cows: Provision of practical guidance on biosecurity and vaccination strategies

Aims & Objectives
To combine current research knowledge, farmer and vet attitudes, and expert opinion to develop best practice guidelines for biosecurity and vaccination strategies on British dairy farms

Expected Outcomes

  • Identification of farmer motivating factors and perceived barriers to the uptake of improved  biosecurity and vaccination strategies.
  • Information on the beliefs and perceptions of field vets on biosecurity measures and vaccination strategies used, and advised on dairy farms.
  • A best practice guideline for biosecurity and vaccination for dairy farms.
  • Key topics that need to be discussed / targeted to facilitate more effective engagement by dairy farmers on disease preventive issues.

Start Date       
June 2012      

Completion Date
June 2016

Lead Contractor
University of Nottingham - Research Partnership study 

Other Delivery Partners
University of Reading,
Harper Adams University,
Royal Veterinary College,
Aberystwyth University

AHDB Dairy

Understanding challenges and perceptions of vaccination strategies

Scientific literature

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