Evaluation of the incidence and prevalence of major diseases and conditions of British dairy cows

Aims & Objectives
The overall aim is better data on the incidence and prevalence of key health conditions affecting the GB dairy herd. This will create a baseline, which can be used to track future changes in disease status, and monitor improvements in the health of the national herd. The database will be designed to allow regular updates, analysis, and enhancement to maximise its usefulness for monitoring and reporting dairy health and production trends.

Expected Outcomes

  • An estimate of incidence/prevalence of health conditions and fertility parameters.
  • A benchmark which can be used to measure, direct and communicate future improvements in the health status of the national herd.

Start Date       
July 2011       

Completion Date
May 2016

Lead Contractor
University of Nottingham - Research Partnership study 

Other Delivery Partners
University of Reading, Harper Adams University, SRUC, Royal Veterinary College, Aberystwyth University

AHDB Dairy

For further information please contact: Jenny.Gibbons@ahdb.org.uk or call 024 7647 8689

Scientific literature
Velasova, M., Drewe, J.A., Gibbons, J., Green, M., Guitian, J. 2015. Evaluation of the usefulness at national level of the dairy cattle health and production recording systems in Great Britain. Veterinary Record. Volume 177, Issue 12, page 304 doi:10.1136/vr.103034