Control of cattle parasites sustainably (COWS)

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Aims & Objectives
This is an industry led initiative with contributions from stakeholders to identify current best practice and gaps in research with regards Control of Parasites (worms and ectoparasites) Sustainably. All the relevant levy bodies for England, Wales and Scotland along with other industry stakeholders, researchers, vets and SQPS for the UK.  Anthelmintic resistance is not a wide scale issue in the cattle industry and this initiative aims to maintain this status quo.

  • Provide the most up to date and consistent technical advice on issues related to management and treatment of worms and fluke in cattle
  • Promote those messages to as many different industry audiences as possible (e.g., farmer, SQPs and vets)
  • Identify areas of R&D that need addressing and work to see those delivered

Expected Outcomes 
This cross sector group will, in the first instance, act in an advisory and consultative capacity to help shape and improve delivery of the COWS initiative.

  • Provide advice, feedback and guidance, as industry steering group
  • Identify opportunities for complementary effort and leveraging of resources
  • Identify opportunities and potential synergies, or scientific/technical opportunities
  • Act as ‘champions’ in supporting and promoting industry action on COWS control
  • Advise on the formulation of appropriate communications

Start Date
December 2012

Completion Date


For further information please contact: or call 07811 180069.