Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) RDPE KT Initiative

BVD Free

Aims & Objectives

The Cattle Health and Welfare Group (CHAWG) have recently identified BVD control as a priority for the English cattle industry. This is a Regional Development Programme for England initiative with regards BVD and forms part of a project on Knowledge Transfer.

Expected Outcomes

Short term - a programme of delivery with regards the RDPE KT. Promotion of the initiative to the veterinary profession with regards the ‘Train the trainer’ events.

Medium term - there will be extensive liaison with relevant stakeholders to both engage them in this initiative and determine the enthusiasm in the wider industry for a BVD control programme after the funding ends. This project will also include liaising with other research on this area including Reading University who will be reviewing social aspects of those involved in BVD control. There will also be a review of current procedures carried out in laboratories taking part in BVD testing.

Alongside these activities will be a PR campaign to wider industry as well as veterinary industry including KT material, collateral along with press releases and presence at shows and events.

Long term - to develop common strategies to control and eradicate BVD with the dairy and beef industry based both on robust scientific evidence and the views of the various stakeholders as to practicality and economic viability. To leave a legacy of collaboration within the industry including all stakeholders for an enthusiasm and willingness to participate in a BVD control and eradication programme.

Start Date             
May 2014

Completion Date
March 2015

For further information please contact: or call 07969837909