Assessment of the Welfare of Dairy Cows in Britain

Aims & Objectives
To develop outcome-based indicators of dairy cow welfare, which are practically feasible, scientifically robust and acceptable to a range of stakeholders from the GB dairy industry.

Expected Outcomes

  • Comprehensive data on the opinions of stakeholders about welfare assessment in dairy cows under British conditions.
  • A method to optimize the evaluation of welfare assessment protocols, including a means to identify farms at risk of poor welfare.
  • A simple welfare assessment protocol.
  • A scientific report on the welfare of dairy cows under British conditions.

Start Date
September 2011    

Completion Date
November 2015    

Lead Contractor
University of Nottingham - Research Partnership study 

Other Delivery Partners
University of Bristol, University of Reading, Harper Adams University, SRUC, Royal Veterinary College, Aberystwyth University 

AHDB Dairy

Scientific literature

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