DairyCo mastitis control plan

Project details
Following the initial development and testing of a method to understand the many factors which contribute to on-farm cell count and mastitis issues. Published data was used to develop this model, a three year project was set in play with the following aims.

  1. The training of 150 industry personnel in the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan
  2. 750 farms having the Plan implemented
  3. A 20% reduction in the incidence of clinical mastitis seen on-farm

Training was undertaken by over 250 personnel involved with the industry, predominately vets with consultants, milk buyer field staff and industry sales making up the balance. These Plan Deliverers then implemented the Plan on over 900 farms within the three years. Data from those farms, a minimum of twelve months post implementation, was gathered to help identify the main 'diagnosis', levels of action taken (compliance) and impact on herd milk quality.

Completion Date
March 2012

Delivery Partners
Nottingham University
Quality Milk Management Services

Delivery to Producers
Plan Deliverers (vets, consultants and industry personnel trained in the principles of the Plan and its delivery)


Related products and resources
The DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan is a structured approach to reducing cell counts and tackling mastitis on farm, information on the service, its delivery and those who are Plan Deliverers can be found under technical services on the DairyCo website.

The Plan continues to be delivered by Plan Deliverers around the country with an industry steering group ensuring the information is used to the benefit of the GB dairy industry.

For further information please contact: Derek Armstrong derek.armstrong@ahdb.org.uk