Epidemiology of cryptosporidiosis in farm livestock, assessment of zoonotic risk and development of control strategies

Aims & Objectives
To determine which species and strains of Cryptosporidium are present in cattle and to provide advice to farmers on how to help safeguard livestock and reduce risk to public health through zoonotic transmission.  

Expected Outcomes

  • Determine the risk of Cryptosporidiosis to farm livestock and the management factors that may increase or reduce this risk.
  • Determine the species of Cryptosporidiosis shed by farm livestock and determine the potential risk to human health through zoonotic transmission.
  • Develop new and or improved methods to tackle parasites, which are cost effective and safe for the operator, the animal and the environment.

Start Date
October 2011    

Completion Date
September 2014

Lead Contractor
Moredun Research Institute

Other Delivery Partners
University of Glasgow

AHDB Dairy 
AHDB Beef & Lamb

For further information please contact: Jenny.Gibbons@ahdb.org.uk or call 024 7647 8689

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