Varietal testing under reduced Nitrogen

Aims and Objectives
Grass varieties on the Recommended List system are currently evaluated using large amounts of manufactured fertiliser in order to identify varietal differences. As a result the current Recommended List trials represent a high input production system and there is a need to identify varietal characteristics that are of importance in production systems where applications of inorganic nitrogen are limited. Hence, the aim of this project is to assess grass and clover varieties from the Recommended List under low and zero inorganic nitrogen conditions.

Expected outcomes
The project will supply a list of rankings for grass varieties under low and zero inorganic nitrogen conditions. This will provide organic and low input producers with the information to identify grass varieties suitable to their system. Information will be provided on yield potential, varietal persistence and disease resistance.

Start Date
August 2011

Completion Date
January 2016

Lead Contractor
National Institute of Agricultural Botany

AHDB Beef & Lamb
AHDB Dairy

Executive summary 

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