The effect of whole crop pea and bean forages differing in tannin content on the performance of high yielding dairy cows

Aims and Objectives
Coloured varieties of peas and beans are higher in condensed tannins which protect the protein from degradation in the rumen and increase the proportion of undegradable protein flowing to the small intestine. This project aims to investigate the factors influencing the agronomy of whole crop peas and beans and the effect of improving the content of undegradable protein in dairy cow diets through the use of increased condensed tannin content.

Expected outcomes
This project will provide better understanding of the role of alternative forages in dairy cow diets and will provide information the performance, efficiency of nitrogen use and the costs associated with feeding whole crop pea and bean forages to high yielding dairy cows.

Start Date
October 2015

Completion Date
May 2016

Lead Contractor
Harper Adams University - Research Partnership study

Other Delivery Partners
University of Reading

AHDB Dairy

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