Development of Near Infra Red Spectrometry (NIRS) equations for grass/clover mixture silages

Aims & Objectives
Current equations used by commercial laboratories to predict the nutritive value of silage have been developed using mainly grass silages. The accuracy of these equations is reduced when applied to high clover silages, often undervaluing the production potential of these types of forage. The overall aim of this study is to develop new prediction equations, based on NIRS, which will give a more accurate assessment of feeding value in high clover silages.

Expected Outcomes
The key output will be new equations (based on Near Infra Red Spectroscopy) which can be used to quickly determine energy, and protein content and degradability in the rumen. This will allow more precise rationing, which is expected to lead to improved production efficiency and reduced losses of nutrients to the environment.

Start Date
September 2011              

Completion Date
March 2014

Lead Contractor
 SRUC - AHDB Dairy Research Partnership study

Other Delivery Partners
University of Reading
FAA Group

 AHDB Dairy

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