Demo Farms, Demonstrating Research in Practice

Published 5 August 14

The BGS, AHDB Dairy and SRUC Research Partnership will be demonstrating research in practice on five working dairy farms in a knowledge transfer initiative to translate the information coming from agricultural research in the UK into something farmers can make use of.

In 2014 we ran demonstrations on five dairy farms, one in Devon, two in Cornwall, one in Cheshire plus one in Yorkshire. The farms have different systems but are aiming to run the farm at a profit and produce milk from forage where possible. All farmers are facing different issues ranging from soil compaction, field damage from last year's of wet weather, grass variety choices, nutrient use, the effect of lime, through to outwintering choices. In common they have the fact they are all looking for solutions on how to solve these problems.

AHDB Dairy and BGS will be working closely with these farmers running on farm "trials" to see how the research work done by SRUC translates into practice. With the farmers, we will run open meetings for farmers to attend to come see if what we're trying will work for them.

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