Grass and Forage Projects

Maximise your silage

Efficient forage production and utilisation is the basis of profitable pasture-based dairy farming.

As part of our Research Partnerships, we have made a substantial commitment to grass and forage research, including out wintering systems, production and utilisation of lucerne, use of whole crop peas and beans. Other projects focus on developing systems for more efficient herbage production and utilisation, including varietal choice according to production system. 

Developing better methods for predicting the nutritive value of forage maize and high clover forages (using near infra red spectroscopy - NIRS) will improve accuracy in rationing, optimising production and reducing environmental impact.

Under the Defra Sustainable Livestock Production LINK programme, AHDB Dairy invests in collaborative research at Aberystwyth University to develop more productive and resource efficient varieties of grasses and clovers. Together with AHDB Beef & Lamb, we co-fund varietal testing to underpin production of the Recommended List.


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