Review of factors influencing grazed grass intake

Aims and Objectives
To complete a systematic review of the literature on factors influencing grazed grass intake. This review provided the latest information on the practical techniques required to maximise milk from grazed grass in low and medium/high input systems and highlighted gaps in our current knowledge of grazing systems.

Expected outcomes:
The review provided information on:

  • Diet manipulation and feeding strategies at grass
  • The impact of herbage genetics and sward quality and grass intake
  • Optimum pasture management strategies
  • Animal behaviour, breeding and performance on grazing systems
  • The impact of climate change on future grassland productivity.

Start Date
October 2013

Completion Date
 April 2015

Lead Contractor
SRUC - Research Partnership study

Other Delivery Partners
Harper Adams University College
University of Reading

AHDB Dairy

Project Reports
Maximising forage intake from grazed grass - a review

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