Breeding LINK: Breeding of forage grasses and legumes to enhance the sustainability of grassland agriculture in the UK

Project details
The aim of this project was to develop grass and clover varieties selected for improved efficiency. To underpin more N efficient ruminant agriculture.

Completion Date
April 2013

Lead Contractor

DairyCo, EBLEX, HCC, QMS, LMC (NI), Germinal Holdings, BGS

Related products and services
An overview of the LINK prjects are available here.

Grass+ covers all aspects of grassland management and includes organic sward management, improving efficiency of fertiliser use, buffer feeding and managing high yielders at grass. It brings together research from DairyCo and other organisations around the world to make it the definitive guide to managing grass. Grass+ is available by calling DairyCo publications on 024 7647 8702 or emailing

Farmers looking to select the most appropriate varieties for re-seeding will welcome the publication of the latest list of recommended grass and clover varieties by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB). Very few varieties are good enough to make it on to the recommendation list so if you select from it you really are getting the best on offer. The list provides detailed information on the characteristics and performance of each variety, such as seasonal yields, quality and heading dates.

For further information please contact: or call 024 7647 8687