Use of real-time in situ nitrogen sensors

Aims & Objectives
To demonstrate how the application of new technologies can enable practical management of nitrogen on livestock farms. The objective is to develop a system using field based sensors to monitor soluble N in real time, to allow active management of fertiliser and organic waste applications.

Expected Outcomes
Validation of the use of real time NO3 sensors on pasture under-going contrasting fertilizer regimes.
Validation of the use of real time NO3 for fertilizer management in fodder crop systems.

Start Date 
October 2011 

Completion Date
Sept 2014

Lead Contractor
Bangor University

Other Delivery Partners


Scientific literature
Shaw, R., Prysor Williams, A., Miller, A., and Jones, D.L. 2013 Assessing the Potential for Ion Selective Electrodes and Dual Wavelength UV Spectroscopy as a Rapid on-Farm Measurement of Soil Nitrate Concentration. Agriculture 2013, 3(3), 327-341; doi:10.3390/agriculture3030327


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