Modelling of Greenhouse Gases

Project details
This project used modelling to identify the key intervention points in dairy farming systems where the most cost effective actions can be taken to reduce the level of GHG emissions.

Completion Date
October 2009

Lead Contractor


Related products and resources
A set of GHG factsheets have been produced to break down climate change and greenhouse gases and identify the key management and practical measures that farmers can take to reduce the environmental impact of dairy farming.

The factsheets build on research and development previously carried out by DairyCo, and complement a series of case studies demonstrating what some dairy farmers have already achieved to reduce their GHG and ammonia emissions on-farm.

The factsheets can be requsted by calling the DairyCo publications line on: 024 7647 8905 or emailing

For further information please contact: or call 024 7647 8687

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