Dairy Research Seminar

Since 2011 AHDB Dairy established two five-year Research Partnerships - one on Health, Welfare and Nutrition and the second on Soils, Forage and Grassland to provide the scientific evidence needed to underpin progress and raise the profile of GB dairy research. The Research Partnerships combine scientific expertise from 10 leading academic and industry organisations. Research and development are crucial to the dairy industry to help us advance and become more competitive on a global level and to make dairy farming more efficient and increasingly sustainable.

The presentations below were presented at AHDB Dairy's 2016 Discover, Innovate and Grow Research Seminar.  You can view all the presentations related to each theme below or, to go directly to a specific presentation, click on the individual title listed.    

Effective protein management 



Cost savings by reducing protein in dairy rations - Kevin Sinclair, University of Nottingham


Wholecrop peas: a valuable alernative protein? - Liam Sinclair, Harper Adams University


Optimising forages   

Advantages of feeding lucerne - Liam Sinclair, Harper Adams University


Understanding the value of fresh grass - Andrew Dale, AFBI


Cut and carry: Is it profitable? - David Keiley, SRUC


Giving clover its true nutritional value - Anna Thomson, University of Reading 

Nutritional well-being on the dairy farm  


Exploiting rumen efficiency - Phil Garnsworthy, University of Nottingham
Dairy herd health   

Is there an ideal bedding for mastitis control? - Andrew Bradley, QMMS


Selective dry cow therapy - Andrew Bradley, QMMS


Mastitis: What now for cotnrol options? - Martin Green, University of Nottingham


Cost effective mastitis control - Pete Down, University of Nottingham 


Controlling Johnes disease - Karen Bond, NMR

Precision dairying   

Managing the optimal cow comfort - Nick Bell, Royal Veterinary College


The future of precision cow technologies - Mark Rutter, Harper Adams University


Using technology to monitor health - Zoe Barker, Writtle College

 The business of dairy farming  

Learn from the top 5% of all year round calving farms - Mark Topliff, AHDB Dairy


Drivers fo profitability for grass based systems - Laurence Shalloo, Teagasc 

Profitable heifer rearing  

Cost-effective ways to outwinter heifers - Emma Bleach, Harper Adams University 


Impact of colostrum on calf health and performance - Steven Morrison, AFBI


Creating new opportunities with new phenotypes collected in new ways - Mike Coffey, SRUC 


Calf to Calving: improving managmeent on my farm - Roger Hildreth, dairy farmer and Andy Dodd, AHDB Dairy 

Healthy grassland soils  


All things great and small: Life in your soil - Elizabeth Stockdale, Newcastle University


Squeezing the life out of your soil - Paul Hargreaves, SRUC


Farm traffic: Are you taking control? - Sven Peets, Harper Adams University 

Efficient use of nutrients  

Improving N and P efficiency in grass and clover - David Lloyd, Aberystwyth University 


Developing new drought tolerant grass varieties - Mike Humphreys, Aberystwyth University


Grass performance under low N conditions - Joanna Matthews, NIAB


Getting the most out of manures - Lizzie Sagoo, ADAS