Development of national genetic evaluations for resistance to bovine tuberculosis

Aims & Objectives
To develop a system for routine national genetic evaluations of dairy bulls for bTB resistance.

  • Create a complete bTB national database by merging data from all nationaly available sources
  • Characterise and qualify the updated national bTB database
  • Calculate pilot genetic evaluations (EBV) for bTB resistance
  • Upgrade national EBV based on pilot EBV and results of on-going research
  • Investigate the use of marker data for the calculation of genomic breeding values (GEBV) based on results of on-going genome-wide association research.

Expected Outcomes
A dataset containing up-to-date data from all nationally available sources

  • A description of the data suitable to inform the calculation of genetic evaluations
  • Process to create national EBV for bTB resistance
  • Create EBV using updated model and new data
  • Calculate test GEBV using genotypes available through AHDB Dairy.

Completion Date
December 2014

Lead Contractor
SAC Commercial Ltd

 AHDB Dairy

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