Expanding indices

Project details
The aim of this project was to improve the welfare, health and sustainability of dairy cows by expanding the selection objectives to include calving ease, udder health and longevity.

Completion Date
March 2011

Lead Contractor
Scottish Agricultural College

Other Delivery Partners
Cogent Breeding Ltd, Genus Breeding Ltd, Cattle Information Services, National Milk Records, Holstein UK and DEFRA Sustainable Livestock Production LINK programme.


Related products and resources
Information from this project has enabled the enhancement of the Breeding+ genetic evaluation service with new (inter)national dairy bull genetic evaluations for direct and maternal calving ease, as well as improved genetic indices for udder health and longevity.

The Executive Summary is available to download.

For further information please contact: Marco.Winters@dairyco.ahdb.org.uk or call 07980 545469

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