Enterprise KPI Definitions - All Year Round Calving

Published 15 November 17

In the table below you will find an explanation of how the Optimal Dairy System enterprise level Key Performance Indicators are defined and calculated for all year round calving systems:

Key Performance Indicators  Definitions

Pregnancy rate (%)

Or % cows eligible for service conceived (Interherd+) is the percentage of cows eligible to be bred that actually get bred multiplied by the conception rate of those inseminations in any 21-day period of time following a 50 day voluntary waiting period.

(e.g. Fifty open cows are eligible to become pregnant (after a 50 day voluntary waiting period))

• Thirty cows actually are inseminated (30/50 = 60% submission or service rate)

• Twelve of these cows become pregnant (12/30 = 40% conception rate)

• For this 21-day period, the pregnancy rate is 12 pregnant cows/50 eligible cows or 24%

• Pregnancy rate is 60% x 40% = 24%

Age at first calving (months)

Sum of ages of first calvings ÷ total number of first calvings (e.g. 26 months + 25.5 months + 24 months = 75.5 ÷ 3 first calvings = 25.2 months of age at first calving)

Total feed costs (pence/litre)

Feed Costs per litre for the business all feed costs including purchased concentrate feed, youngstock feed, purchased forage, bulk feed and temporary grazing should be divided by the total milk produced (e.g. £35,000 ÷ 640,000 litres × 100 = 5.5p/l)

Average daily lifetime yield (litres/day)

The average of total milk yield divided by age in days (from birth to culling) for cows leaving the herd during the analysis period

Overheads (fixed costs) as a proportion of income (output) (%)

Labour Costs (paid and a value of unpaid) + Power and Machinery (inc depreciation) + Administration (office costs, subscriptions, insurance + professional fees) + Property (water, property repairs and building depreciation but exclude rent and finance charges) = Total overheads ÷ Income (milk and calf sales other livestock sales) x 100e.g. £30,000 + £15,000 + £1,000 + £12,000 = £58,000 ÷ £120,000 x 100 = 48%

Genetic merit Definition to be defined following research work to be completed by the beginning of 2018

Farmers can access an online calculator to enter their own figures and see how they perform and highlight focus areas.