Facing the challenge of low milk prices

Published 11 September 15

To help you face the challenges of low milk prices, AHDB Dairy has a whole set of resources on offer on its website and via extension officers.

In challenging times, it’s more important than ever to make the best possible use of the resources and information available to you via your levy. This practical assistance is designed to help you and your business work through this difficult time and become as robust as possible for the longer term.

The place to start might be the ‘Back to Basics Surviving the Low Milk Price Checklist’. It is an immediate action plan, with sections on who to talk to and understanding where you are, as well as a section on more medium-term actions.

On the AHDB Dairy website you can find a range of templates, with everything from a risk register to cash flow, and feed planners to calculators such as the milk forecasting or the interactive milk price calculator. There is also plenty of relevant business and technical information via publications, factsheets and newsletters, and also information on skills development packages.

Also on the website you can find the contact details for your local extension officer, who can often be your first point of call when it comes to finding the right information, or links to external organisations that can provide expert support.

A series of AHDB Dairy events have been taking place across the country, focusing on the practical aspect of facing low milk prices. The events, running in further locations towards the end of September, can help you look at your business options, given your circumstances, to find a way forward and what steps you can take now without compromising the future.