Farmer comment 8 May John Owen

Published 8 May 15

John Owen, at Gelli Aur College, has 250 spring calving crossbreds, yielding 5,200 litres and grazing 88ha with some of the grass silage needed brought in. This herd is run alongside a further 250-cow autumn calving herd which produces 6,500 litres.

Average Farm Cover       2,425kg DM/ha

Pre-grazing cover            3,500kg DM/ha – having introduced a silage field

7-day grass growth          54kg

Concentrate feed level     1.5kg

Demand                          70kg


"Grass growth has dropped from 90kg to 54kg, with this spell of cold weather,” says John Owen. “With a herd demand at 70kg, I have had to graze on a field of about 3,500kg, which had been shut up for silage, but this will put us back on target after the heavy rain. All we need now is some heat to get the growth back to where it was last week.

“Milk yield has also dropped from 26 litres to 23 litres/cow because of the poor weather conditions and poorer grass quality,” he adds.