Grass is a little tight at Gelli Aur

Published 19 June 15

John Owen runs a 250 spring calving crossbreds, yielding 5,200 litres at Gelli Aur College in Carmarthenshire. This herd is run alongside a further 250 cow autumn calving herd producing 6,500 litres. 

Average Farm Cover                 2,179kg dm/ha      

Pre-grazing cover                      2,800kg dm/ha         

7-day grass growth                    45kg dm/ha   

Demand                                    52kg dm/ha

Concentrate feed level               1.5kg dm/ha 

“Things are a little tight as you can see from the grass growth and demand figure above,” says John. “But all the area is back into the rotation now from silage. We have had 20mm rain this week and temperatures have picked up, so growth has quite clearly improved from the last recording. We’re hoping that by Sunday’s grass measurement, growth will have exceeded demand. 

“I'm not overly concerned at the way things are looking. Cows are now on 36 hour breaks and producing 1.76kg MS/day. 

“Our first cut silage quality should be very good, but a little low in quantity. We have no paddocks currently out for second cut silage, but we hope the recent rainfall, and subsequent growth will allow us to take some out pretty soon.”