Piers Badnell's comments 13 February 2015

Published 13 February 15

Piers Badnell, DairyCo technical extension officer, comments on this week’s grass analysis and growth results.

CP is on the low side but not limiting

DM is excellent, as you would expect after a frosty and dry few weeks in many areas. Covers may be low in some places, but with these high DMs, there is more out there than you think.

MEs are excellent. Combine them with the high DMs and there is a good opportunity for a lot of energy. The dry conditions we’ve had underfoot provide the opportunity for a good start to the season.

With the forecast for the next month predicting dry weather there is a great opportunity to get cows harvesting some grass. It’s important to get on with your spring planner and get cows round by balance day. The dry conditions will help hitting residuals easier. It’s the first and second grazing round that will set you up for the whole season.

Grass growths in Norfolk and Hampshire seem exceptional, and we will see what happens next week! Soil temperatures in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Dorset this week where in in the 2 - 4°C range. Grass starts growing at 5°C, it’s only just round the corner. Don’t get caught out.